Thursday, 14 April 2016

Make money betting on soccer combos

We call this combo soccer bet strategy “the hunt for the away winners”. What does it mean exactly? We will explain to you.

Picking an away winner in football betting is almost always more profitable than betting on a team to win at home. We say “almost”, because you won’t get very high odds for Barcelona winning at Eibar or Real Madrid taking the three points in Gijon. But that’s normal.

What exactly is this strategy about? It’s simple. Try to look for away winners with odds for this between 1.80 and 2.20. Then pick a few and combine them. We assure you that you would get a very good overall odd, which could bring a you a pretty nice profit.

How to pick the games you need? Look at the tendencies. Which team is an incredible form away from home, winning a game after a game? Which one is having troubles in front of its own fans, being unable to use its home advantage? Then see where these teams match and use the situation in your favour. Sometimes football is unlogical and full of surprises, but sometimes it’s just the opposite - it’s all about logic! Look at the statistics, take a pen and do your homework. Because that’s the way to make money by being a bettor - you should always know why you make this bet, don’t leave anything at chance.

The good away wins odds are a perfect way to build your combo soccer bet strategy. Just find the right games and pick the teams which are in good enough form to win away from home. And logically - the teams which have troubles at home. Then use the math and do the calculation. One plus one always makes two. We wish you a good luck with this strategy. It’s a good one!

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